Most toughtful gift

Are you looking for an original gift, for yourself, family or a good friend? A gift that is still being talked about years later and has been preserved?

With us you can convert your best photo into a beautiful photo quilt. With this photo quilt you will keep your most valuable memory in a true work of art, which you can easily and completely create yourself.
With a photoquilt you create a unique piece of handicraft, a beautiful quilt of small squares. These can be sewn by hand or sewing machine. The counting patterns are made by us so that the end result is just a photo. Almost all portrait photos can be converted into a photoquilt. The larger the quilt, the better the end result.

What do you have to do?
Find a beautiful photo, send it to us and we will make a clear quilt pattern from this photo. After we have received the photo, we will let you know how much dust you have lost to make the quilt. We can also pre-cut the required fabric into squares of 3x3cm and deliver them in up to 50 different colors.